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Go Ahead - Check Us Out First!

Yes - we're a family owned and managed business. We aren't big and fancy like the "other" company. But be aware that having a bigger name and spending a lot of money on advertising does not always mean that you, as the client, are going to pay less or get better services! Before you hire a company to handle your grant writing and/or nonprofit organization incorporation and setup, be sure to check them out first. The following are links to business complaint sites that keep an eye on companies providing business services, such as GW&NS. You will see we've included a search for our companies (Grant Writing & Nonprofit Services and Grant Proposal & Research Services) on these sites as well. After you click on the links, be sure to scroll down to see the ratings and/or complaints on those sites, if any:

So - instead of going just with the "other" company because they have a big name and do a lot of national advertising, check us all out first. Click on the links above and read up a bit. You'll see WE have a great record. We'll charge you less. We'll give you more. When you're ready, give us a call! 1.865.236.1411 OR 1.415.612.7228.

Folks, it pays to do your research! Call us at: 1.865.236.1411 OR 1.415.612.7228

Is this you? Stop tearing out your hair & let us help you!

How can Grant Writing for Nonprofits Help You?

Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations has been working in the grant writing and funding research arena for over 21 Years! Our expertise in the grant writing and funding research allow us to offer our clients the most affordable and comprehensive package available on the market today.

If you’ve been tearing your hair out, trying to take care of our own grant writing, funding or nonprofit setup, we can help! GWNS specializes in working on grant programs for nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, university programs, city and county projects, and innovative business ventures including SBIR/STTR, IUCRP, NIST-ATP, PIER, and CalTIP.

Our RFP Proposal Development consulting team will help your firm gain competitive edge by providing grant and cotract expertise and developing proposals that meet the needs and requirements of the funding agency, RFP and/or Solicitation. We take the worry out of your project and do the work for you!


Our EXTENSIVE services include:

Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations can handle the writing of your grant proposal and the research of grant money and funding for your project! We've been doing two things and doing them well since 1988...writing grant proposals and searching for grant money! It's what we do. We'd be happy to work for you.

Our Grant Writing Services department has direct access to over 150 different government agencies who can tell us when, where, why and how to apply for their grants! We can show you where and how to get specific grant program information, in order to obtain Philanthropic grant money, Federal grant funding and government grant money! Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations is the expert when it comes to locating alternative grant programs that are hard to find, for most people!

Learn how to keep from getting left behind and make sure you get your "cut" of the Federal grant funding pie... Let Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations take care of the funding war by managing the battles for you, so YOU can concentrate on what it is that you do meeting with VIP's, managing and organizing your project!



Critique or Review Your RFP or Proposal

If necessary, our consultant will be happy to develop or revise your Abstract or Executive Summary to reflect the technical analysis...just let us know what your needs are!


Whatever You Need, We have the Solution for You!

Designed with the novice or expert grant seeker in mind, we have developed a grant seeker's program that is intended to answer ALL your grant information questions...and take you through the grant funding process, from A-Z!

Even if you need help in developing your business plan or in searching for government contracts, we can help. Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations gives YOU the power to organize, share, and gain value from your project information...and find the funding you deserve!

Call TODAY find out more! 1.865.236.1411 OR 1.415.612.7228.



To recap, we can help with the following activities and more:


  • Grant Writing for RFP solicitations
  • Grant Proposals
  • Business Plans
  • Government Grant Programs
  • Grant funding research
  • Website development
  • Business logo development
  • Nonprofit Form Preparation Services (we have a 100% success ratio!)


We can help you find Grant Funding for programs such as:

  • Grant funding for programs that work with juvenile drug courts which incorporate the Reclaiming Futures approach.
  • Grants are provided to organizations serving women and/or children in the United States and Puerto Rico. Specific projects and programs addressing health, education and social service needs.
  • Grant Funding that supports five school meal and milk programs to assist schools, districts, and other agencies in providing nutritious meals and milk to children at reasonable prices or free for qualified applicants.
  • Two opportunities for SBIR and STTR grant projects that attract cash contributions from an outside investor for the Phase II effort for businesses.
  • Grant money opportunities to expand and/or improve child care settings in New York State through funding programs in Child Day Care and School Age Start Up; Expansion of Hours; Health and Safety; and Innovative Programs Initiatives as well as reimbursement for Accreditiation certification.
  • Army’s Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Grant Program.
  • The Navy STTR Grant Program.
  • Air Force STTR Grant Program -- Air Force Research Lab.
  • Faith-Based Programs Received $1 Billion from Feds in 2003 via Grant Funding.
  • Math and Reading Professional Development Grants.
  • Homeland Security Grants.
  • Starbuck Foundation Youth Leadership Grant Program.
  • Community Reintegration Grant Program to Prevent Recidivism and Incarceration.
  • An "After Prison Initiative" that focuses on supporting the successful reentry of prisoners to their communities through grant funding.
  • The Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Science & Technology) STTR Grant Program for (1) Space Propulsion Technology and Biomedical Technology Grants.
  • An "Arts and Culture Program" designed to promote, through grant funding, collaborative artistic and/or cultural efforts by offering support to individuals and organizations in order to foster cross-border partnership and cooperation and to contribute to intercultural understanding.




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